Competitive Fortnite has been a wild ride from the beginning and Epic’s adventure continues as the World Cup finals approach. The first Trios tournament has been announced for July and the Storm Flip remains disabled for Week 10.

Epic Games has been struggling to find its groove with the competitive side of Fortnite, but their efforts are beginning to work out. With the FWC Finals quickly coming up, Epic wants to ensure the final Week 10 qualifiers go smoothly.

In addition, Epic has responded to the community’s love of the Trios mode with a tournament announcement. All this was announced on June 20th in a official competitive blog post.

Storm Flip Disabled for Week 10 Qualifiers

The Storm Flip is an…interesting item

In response to competitive community outrage at the Storm Flip, Epic has decided to disable the item for the Week 10 Qualifiers. They did not say if the item would be seen in the Finals in New York.

The reason given for the disable is that the ‘visual readability’ of the item’s storm zone is not adequate. The item specifically creates problems in end-game scenarios in competitive matches. Naturally, this comment suggests that the Storm Flip will return to competitive play after a small fix.

The careful wording of the post falls in line with Epic’s previous statements about being reluctant to add a separate competitive loot pool.

Original Post from Epic Games:

“Our last World Cup Online Open kicks off today, June 20! Tune in to see who will snag those final spots to compete for the $30,000,000 up for grabs at the Fortnite World Cup. The show kicks off at 2:30 PM ET on June 21. Keep an eye out for any posts regarding updates to the schedule on our channels below.

Additionally, the Storm Flip item has been disabled for the Week 10 World Cup Online Open and Arena playlists until further notice. This is due to visual readability for this item around endgame scenarios in competitive play.

First Trios tournament announced

Call Jonesy, we need another member for the god squad.

In a surprise announcement, Epic Games has revealed the first Trios tournament is arriving in July!

When the Trios LTM released, it was a universally loved mode due to its ‘sweet-spot’ amount of players in fights. Squads is legendarily chaotic, but Trios presented a larger team mode that had a reasonable flow of combat.

Epic Games has set the dates for the first Trios tournament to July 13th and 14th, after their well deserved office vacation. Details on formats, schedules, and prize pools will be released at a later date.

Original Post from Epic Games:

“Following this week, the Epic office will be closed between June 24 – July 8. During that time, we will not have any official Fortnite Competitive Tournaments running. When we come back, our next prized tournament will be a Trios tournament on July 13th & 14th.

We will still have two content updates over these weeks and you’ll be able to get all the details in the patch notes as normal.

We’ll see you soon!”

We’re so excited to see how well Trios works in a competitive setting. This could be the beginning of a whole new wave of pro player pick-ups and more solidified in-org teams! As soon as more information about the tourney is released, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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