The Mythic Goldfish is the rarest item in Fortnite – so much so that some players even question whether or not it’s even in the game. The first footage of the Mythic Goldfish in Fortnite has now been revealed.

Epic made a long list of positive changes to Fortnite in Season 2 – not the least of which is the addition of fishing. Fishing is an excellent way to get powerful weapons and healing items, which helps to reduce the reliance on RNG.

Fishing will net your rare or better items along with some of the best healing items in the game: Floppers and Slurp Fish. You’ll also get a Tin Can in rare cases, which deals 20 damage to an opponent.

It never seems to be worth carrying a Tin Can. This is more of a “bust” fishing item than anything else.

Since Season 2 came out, the above chart was assumed to be all that was currently available in the fishing loot pool. There was some talk about the Mythic Goldfish, but most players assumed it was an urban legend or a leaked item.

The Mythic Goldfish reportedly does 90 damage to opponents and allows you to pick it up again once you throw it. Still, it seemed like no one had ever encountered it and players assumed it would be coming with a later update.

Now, though, the first footage of the Mythic Goldfish has been revealed. Unfortunately, it’s from the perspective of someone who felt its wrath.

So, it would seem as though the Mythic Goldfish is indeed in Fortnite. It’s hard to know about these things without some official patch notes.

The Mythic Goldfish is the second Mythic item Epic has added to Fortnite – if we don’t count those added with events like the Infinity Gauntlet or the Batman items. The first was the Infinity Blade, and we know how that went.

This Mythic item appears to be completely different, though. It’s obviously extremely rare with only one confirmed sighting of the Goldfish. It also isn’t overpowered. It does less damage than a sniper shot – which would have taken this player out just the same.

The addition of the Mythic Goldfish is just, plain cool. Imagine how excited you’d be to get one – even if it’s not a best-in-slot item.

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