After in-game teasers and multiple assets were discovered, it appears that a Winter variant of the popular Love Ranger skin is in fact coming to Fortnite.

SkinTracker has shared the model used for the skin, despite it being unreleased. As expected, it is a winter-themed variant of the Cupid skin, the skin features frost and Cube-like markings.

Alongside the Love Ranger, Winter variants of the Red Knight and Raven skins can be found in the game’s files and teased in-game in the Ice Biome.

At the time of writing Epic Games has yet to officially reveal this or any of the other skins. Players speculate that they will be released closer to Christmas, possibly alongside other Holiday skins.

The return of skins which are considered OG is a controversial topic in the Fortnite community. It seems that the loud minority of OG players feel that skins which were released earlier in the game’s lifecycle should not be re-released.

It seems Epic does not agree with the sentiment of OG skins, or possibly modified variants of the originals are their compromise.

Neither the Love Ranger, Red Knight, or Raven Winter variant skins feature any sort of data for name, description, rarity, price, or release date.

Stay tuned for further information, it’s likely that we will see finished assets for these in the next Fortnite update. Epic Games may begin to tease the skins in the coming days, as they’ve done in the past.