The V6.31 Update for Fortnite Battle Royale introduced two new versions of the Pump Shotgun, as the weapon now has Epic and Legendary variations.

The Pump Shotgun has been a staple of Fortnite since the game released in September 2017, with players valuing it’s high damage rate when used in close quarters.


While the weapon hasn’t been as powerful in recent updates, Epic Games did release a weapons balancing update to make the Pump Shotguns more powerful, alongside the two new versions of the weapon on Tuesday, November 27.

Pump Shotgun
Epic and Legendary variants of the Pump Shotgun!

The Epic and Legendary versions of the shotgun will join the Uncommon and Rare Pump Shotguns, while the Tactical Shotgun and Heavy Shotgun remain in the game, with their damage and ranges altered as part of the shotgun balancing update. .

The new variations of the Pump Shotgun feature an updated look compared to the old versions, with the new weapons resembling a SPAS-12 shotgun to indicate that they are more powerful than their Uncommon and Rare counterparts.

The Epic and Legendary versions of the Pump Shotgun hold five cartridges instead of two, meaning players can fire off more shots before they are required to reload.

When fired, the Epic and Legendary versions of the weapon make a different sound than the Uncommon or Rare variations, while the range on the weapon seems to be much longer than the normal Pump Shotgun.

The Epic and Legendary Pump Shotguns are live in-game right now, and you can watch the new weapon in action below.

New Shotty Test from r/FortNiteBR