The long-awaited Gifting system appears to be nearing it’s final stages before release. The Gifting system has been in the “coming in the near future” status since June 2018.

Fortnite leaker @The1Jaren, who has enabled the gifting system on his build of the game has shown us footage of when players would have access to the Gifting menus, have a look below.

As you can see, you are able to Gift multiple players at once. However, a player can seemingly only be Gifted once every 10 days.

The Gift Wrap tab allows you to personalize the Gift with a message which will be displayed to the recipient upon opening the Gift.

Important note, it appears that you are allowed to send yourself a Gift, however they may not be returned. This is likely to allow, for example, parents to Gift their child an in-game Item on their account.

The Item Shop will also feature a button to purchase an Item as a Gift rather than for yourself.

A release date for the Fortnite Gifting system has yet to be confirmed, though we should expect an official announcement in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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