The v9.10 Content Update brought a brand new weapon to Fortnite’s arsenal, the Burst SMG. Let’s take a look at the weapon’s stats and how it plays in-game.

Meta shockwaves are a common occurrence in Fortnite as Epic continues to add and remove weapons from the game. The latest one comes in the form of the Burst SMG weapon!

Weapon Stats

The Burst SMG comes in three rarities: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. Similar in its role to the vaulted Suppressed SMG, this replacement does have slightly different stats along with a completely different firing style.

We’ll look at the stats of the new weapon alongside the stats of the Suppressed SMG for comparison’s sake.

Suppressed SMG Stats
Burst SMG Stats

As you can see, the Burst has a lower damage-per second than the Suppressed SMG due to its firing delay. Additionally, the bullets within each burst also come out slower than the interval of the suppressed.

Additionally, the Burst also only packs 24 bullets per magazine. Reload times are also longer.

Burst SMG

  • Available in Common, Uncommon and Rare variants.
  • Fires a quick 4 round burst.
  • Deals 23, 24, 25 damage.
  • 1.75x headshot multiplier.
  • 24 round magazine.
  • Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, and Vending Machines.
  • Uses Light Ammo.

Structural Damage

The videos below show you how much damage the Burst SMG can do to structures. It’s definitely a great build buster, but it doesn’t have the same staying power as the Suppressed SMG.

The Burst SMG has the unique feature of having no damage falloff against builds.

Grey Burst SMG

  • 2 bursts to destroy Wood
  • 3 bursts to destroy Brick
  • 5 bursts to destroy Metal

Green Burst SMG

Blue Burst SMG

Burst SMG Gameplay

The Burst plays quite differently than the Suppressed SMG. You can’t use it to spray through builds as the reload time and burst delay are too high.

With that said, the weapon is a potent close range weapon with excellent damage. 43 damage headshots can net you gunfight wins, but you will need to be careful of most shotguns.

For a better look at how the weapon plays, here’s a small snippet of gamplay from a Team Rumble match. The last few seconds of the video features Scar AR gameplay as we ran out of ammo for our Burst SMG.

Feel free to judge the quality of our gameplay in the comments.