The first Season X Content Update centers around Tilted Town, but also brought with it the powerful Automatic Sniper Rifle.

Have you ever wanted to eliminate several targets from range in quick succession, but were limited by your weapon’s fire rate? No more! Those worries are long gone with the all-new Automatic Sniper Rifle!

Epic’s latest weapon addition to Fortnite brings a significant fire-rate increase to long-range combat. We’re not completely sold on its effectiveness just yet, but the stats and mechanics certainly make a strong case.

Season X Automatic Sniper Rifle Stats

The Automatic Sniper uses Medium Ammo as opposed to the usual Heavy Bullets used by snipers. The fire rate draws similarities more to assault rifles than long-range rifles and the damage is lower to provide a balance.

The weapon comes in three variants: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The damages dealt respectively are 31/33/35 with headshots dealing 62/66/70.

If you think the weapon might over-powered, Epic’s actually done a very good job with the balancing by keeping the weapon projectile like other sniper rifles. The general feel of the weapon is best described as being similar to the old Infantry Rifle with a bit more punch.

The new weapon can be found in Floor Loot, Chest, Supply Drops, Vending Machines, and Hot Spots. In our playtests, the weapon was quite difficult to find, so don’t expect everybody in the lobby to be using one. Of course, this could’ve just come down to poor luck and bad RNG.

Automatic Sniper Rifle Gameplay & Impressions

We also managed to capture about a minute of footage of the Auto Sniper. Don’t expect any World Cup gameplay here, but it’ll give you a good sense of the gun.

Our initial impression of the weapon is overall positive. It’s an effective medium to long-range option with plenty of damage and enough lead to make it have a skill gap. The regular Bolt Action Sniper and Heavy Sniper should easily beat this newcomer in a 1v1 fight, but two of these can melt targets.

It’s quite possible that we’ll see the evolution of the double Heavy Sniper strategy into a lower-tier double Auto Sniper strategy. While it’s not as lethal, the combination of 32 quick-fire shots doing 35 damage each will shred builds and shields.

What’re your initial impressions of the weapon and what led you to those conclusions? Fortnite currently has 4 sniper variants and the Auto Sniper might struggle to find its way into the meta with shotguns still dominating the majority of the game-space.

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