A new Fortnite PS Plus pack is on the way and thanks to a prominent leaker, we now know exactly how these cosmetics will look in-game.

PlayStation 4 players have gotten a lot of exclusive content for Fortnite and that is continuing with the Celebration Pack.

Luckily, your Fortnite account is the same as every platform so you’ll still be able to use these cosmetics on any platform, provided you have a PS Plus account to claim them on.

Another Celebration Bundle is coming.

Included in this bundle is a new wrap, pickaxe skin, along with an emoji and a banner. It’s a bit lighter on the contents this time around but fans will still be happy to get some new items for free, provided they already pay for PS Plus.

Well-known Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR gave us our first look at what these cosmetics will look like in-game, not too long before the official release.

The pickaxe and wrap will be what get people talking here as nobody really gets all that hyped over an emote.

Just seeing the pickaxe shows that it’s not really anything to write home about, but the wrap does look pretty cool, especially when you see what it looks like on the mech and all the other weapons.

Everything in the new bundle.

Getting the wrap alone is pretty much worth the price of admission here and anything else is an added bonus.

Previous bundles have included things like a glider or a skin, so that can be disappointing to players who were expecting something similar here.

The Celebration Pack was first revealed through the official PlayStation Greece account on September 14.

This PS4-exclusive bundle will be available for download starting September 17. If you like what you’ve seen, or even if you didn’t, make sure you pick this is up before it disappears.

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