Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has provided viewers of his stream and other Fortnite Battle Royale players with a first look in-game of the brand new Fortnite Galaxy Skin cosmetics for owners.

Owners of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 will be happy to know that their current Galaxy skin will be getting some more additions to complete the set, at no extra cost to them.

The Galaxy skin for Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the rarest and most exclusive skins in the game – so much that those who use it are usually crowded in lobbies and hunted down [please stop :(].

Ninja, the most popular streamer on the platform, has time and time again partnered with Samsung to promote the deal between Fortnite and the South Korean electronics company.

Earlier this week, cosmetics belonging to the Galaxy set were leaked by data-miners, but now Ninja has given us a first look at the items in-game.

It is presumed that these items will be available to all current Galaxy skin owners at no extra cost. We do know, however, that they will be releasing on Thursday, November 1st, 2018.

This also means that the cosmetics will be coming alongside the v6.21 patch; the release date and time of which was announced today.

The Galaxy set includes:

  • Galaxy Skin
  • Galactic Disk Back Bling
  • Stellar Axe
  • Discover Glider

All of these items have the same galactic-themed texture, and will be available this Thursday.

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