The first Season 10 teaser image was released on July 28 during the Fortnite World Cup Solos Finals live-stream.

Each and every Fortnite season in recent memory has received a few teaser images before its launch. The first of these for Season 10 was unveiled at the Fortnite World Cup Solos Finals and via Twitter.


While a single image can’t tell us everything about the upcoming Season’s theme, we can begin to speculate on the changes coming. No matter what, the map is likely to receive significant changes as we get into the double-digit seasons.

First Fortnite Season 10 Teaser Image

The very first teaser image has finally been given out to the public as the Fortnite World Cup Finals wind down to a close. After a weekend of intense competitive action, the community turns its eyes to the Season 10 launch and what it might bring.

Epic Games teased the image on stream during the Solos Finals & posted it onto the official Fortnite Twitter as well. It’s time to ‘think back’ as Dusty Depot looks to return!

Yes, you saw it right. Season 10 (or Season X) will bring back Dusty Depot. Perhaps as Season 9 was based on the future, Season 10 will base itself in the past. Two timelines will collide as we see fan-favorites return to the island.

That’s about all we can get from the image for now. We do know that Epic absolutely loves to mix things up and will likely bring meta & map changes with the new season. Map changes are generally kept under tight wraps, but the seasonal skins are usually leaked ahead of time due to slight errors with image release times on various virtual stores.

An initial leak via the Playstation store on July 27 revealed that Season 10 could possibly be branded as Season X. This would make sense from both a marketing and artistic standpoint as many sports and games have adopted the use of roman numerals in the past when passing into double digit figures.

More images will release in the coming days as Season 10 looms close by with a release date slated for August 1, 2019. Check back daily to see more info as it becomes available.

What are you looking for in the new Season? Our most wanted feature would be the return of a few more old locations like Greasy Grove. Fortnite gains much each season with new locations, but bringing some classics back would certainly bring forth some early memories of the Battle Royale titan.