The latest set of weekly missions, “The Return”, has unlocked with the first challenge becoming available for players to complete on September 5.

Players who have the Battle Pass for Fortnite Battle Royale Season 10 will receive weekly themed missions to complete instead of a set of challenges.

Instead of having the entire season to complete challenges, there is now a timer set where missions will only be available for one week. As usual, completing missions will reward players with in-game experience, season awards, and more.

The first mission for “The Return” became available on September 5 and is rather simple to complete.

What’s the first “The Return” mission?

The first mission tasks players to earn one elimination with a sniper rifle. This can be easily earned in a Team Rumble match since players are allowed to respawn.

We recommended landing at a populated POI like Tilted where players can gather loot and use the city’s different towers to get an eagle-eyed perspective on unassuming players.

On September 2, Lucas7Yoshi released a graphic showing all the missions within “The Return” set.

Here are the missions that are releasing next:

  • Outlast 150 opponents in solos or duos mode – September 6
  • Deal 500 damage with scoped weapons to opponents – September 7
  • Search seven ammo boxes at Fatal Fields or Lonely Lodge – September 8
  • Use two different throwable items in a single match – September 9
  • Land on the top of a floating island and a meteor – September 10
  • Visit Loot Lake and Sunny Steps in the same match – September 12

Be aware that players have until Thursday, September 12 to complete the missions within “The Return” set. A new set of missions will release for the next week of Season 10.

Good luck and have fun!