Fortnite’s World Cup has had quite a few bumps in the road with hacking, glitches, and cheaters. The latest bump cost a Finnish duo big this past weekend.

The Fortnite World Cup is a massive tourney with qualifiers leading to its epic Finals in New York. In fact, it’s the biggest esports tournament ever due to its huge $30 million dollar prize pool.

With that said, Epic Games has had some serious problems in running the event. From cheating scandals to horrendous bugs, the event hasn’t exactly gone as smoothly as one would like.

The latest case of tournament disruption comes from Finland as a duo failed to qualify due to a matchmaking bug.

Finnish Duo fails to qualify due to bug

Matchmaking errors aren’t as common as they once were in Fortnite, but they can still occur from time to time. The most common occurrence of matchmaking errors is when the servers are getting flooded with massive amounts of players.

The World Cup runs on its own server set which gives it some breathing room from the core Fortnite population. With this said, the servers can take quite the beating when all 3000 of the top players are matchmaking at the same time.

During Week 4 of the Fortnite World Cup, a Finnish duo ran into an unfortunate bug. They had just finished their 6th match and were ready to queue for the 7th just in time. They had racked up 72 points in just 6 matches of play.

The players, Riki XDD & Viallinen, queued up for the match, but only Viallinen made it into the game. Riki’s game bugged out and did not load into the match before the countdown for the event’s end expired.

To say the least, this feels a bit cheesy. How can one player make it into the game while the other does not? Shouldn’t the game have a fail-safe for allowing the second player to enter the game just in case the game’s matchmaking becomes glitched?

During the lobby screen, the players are excited to prove themselves saying “Now, we f***ing show them. Let’s f***ing show them!.” The excitement for Riki quickly turns to befuddled confusion as he gets locked out of the match and yells “What the f***!.”

So, this glitch obviously put the duo at a major disadvantage as they had 72 points and were easily within range of qualifying. Viallinen would need to clutch up and get them to New York by himself.

Luckily for him, he is from the most clutch country on Earth (totally not biased).

Unbelievably, Viallinen managed to go huge for the team. He made it into the end-game and got 10 points while playing solo. Absolutely monstrous gameplay from the player, but this tragedy isn’t over yet.

82 points would have been enough to qualify for the World Cup Finals from Week 4 in Europe. However, due to the queue bug from earlier, the points from the last game were not counted at all. The duo officially ended the week with 72 points even though there is video evidence of Viallinen getting them to 82 points.

Here’s the final results of the EU qualifier for Week 4:

10th place holds 77 points – via Epic Games

The Finnish duo would be sitting at 7th place and guaranteed a place at the World Cup Finals if it wasn’t for that bug.

Ironically, the name ‘Viallinen’ literally means ‘defective’ or ‘faulty’ in Finnish. It’s almost like he jinxed them with his gamertag.

What now? How can Epic rectify this?

This isn’t an easy one. Epic Games obviously needs to make a statement of some kind about this, but how can they correct such a mistake?

We don’t want anyone to be fired or anything rash like that. Rather, Epic should do one of two things.

They can either insert the Finnish duo into the World Cup now and drop the 10th place team out of the Cup. This is somewhat unfair to the DualMedia duo who believe that they have qualified. This is why the second solution would be better.

Epic Games should simply admit that their matchmaking team made a serious misstep and did not predict such a bug. As such, the Finnish duo would be allowed into the World Cup Finals as an 11th team due to Epic’s error. Everyone walks away happy and Epic can solve the issues before the next Duo event.

What do you think is the best course of action for Epic to take? Tell us in the comments below.