A new Fortbyte becomes available each day in Fortnite Battle Royale, and May 30’s collectible item can be located “within an arcade”. We have a guide for you on how to easily locate byte #79.

May 30 is a full day for Fortnite Battle Royale fans as a new batch of weekly challenges were unlocked for Season 9 Week 4 along with a new Fortbyte.

Fortbytes are Season 9 Battle Pass exclusive collectible items which can be located via location challenges.

Each day a new Fortbyte becomes available for players to locate around the map with only a small hint provided by Epic Games to go by.

Fortbyte #79 tasks players to find the item “within an arcade”, and we have a guide for you to follow so you can locate it swiftly!

Where is Fortbyte #79?

The hint given for Fortbyte #79 says that it can be located within an arcade, and that arcade is at Mega Mall.

Fortbyte #79 can be located within Mega Mall’s arcade.

The building players should be looking for is located within H9 on the Fortnite Battle Royale map, which is right in the middle of Mega Mall.

Once players head into the building, the arcade will be located on the first floor.

Fortbyte #79 will be sitting on the floor behind the counter, close to the drink display refrigerator.

If you are still confused or can not locate the item, check out this video by Bodil04 for a quick walkthrough.

May 30 included Season 9 Week 4 challenges so be sure to check out our guides!

Have you collected all the Fortbytes to-date, or are you waiting until all of them become available to collect? Let us know in the comments below!