The final stages of the Dusty Depot rocket construction have been revealed and it looks like fans are in for a wild end of season event.

Shortly after the v10.30 update, Fortnite players noticed that The Visitor’s base within Dusty Depot had started to become a construction site for a rocket. It started off with a few parts of a BRUTE Mech, before transforming into a fully blown launching pad for the spacecraft. 

While the Visitor will be hoping that the launch goes significantly better than the season four in-game event, it appears as if there will be upgrades to the rocket this time around as the final stages of its construction have been revealed in a leak.

Season 10 Rocket Dusty Depot
Image via Epic Games

According to images tweeted by popular leaker FortTory, the rocket will take ahold of Dusty Depot – leaving nothing near its launch pad to be looted or claimed by players – and letting the Visitor pack up everything that had placed down in the meantime. 

That strange metal floor ring that was discovered following the  v10.30 update, will be used to hold the craft in place before it’s final voyage away from the battle royale island – yet, that’s not all. 

Image via FortTory, FNLeaksandInfo, Itsarkheops

FortTory also revealed additional images of what the completed rocket will look like from above Dusty Depot. 

The scaffolding that has appeared around the point of interest will be completed to look like a loading area so that whoever pilots the rocket can actually enter in the first place before taking off.  

The rocket itself will include two thrusters, likely in order to give it some extra propulsion, while a purple cone will also appear on top – completing the differences from the season four event. 

Image via FortTory, FNLeaksandInfo, Itsarkheops

Just what part the rocket will play in the season ten event remains to be seen, but it appears as if it will at least launch prior to the switch from season ten to season eleven.

Provided there are no delays or changes to the season schedule, Fortnite Season X is expected to draw to a close around Thursday, October 10. However, this could very well change as Epic Games has not confirmed an official ending point.