Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer event draws to a close and its final unvaulted weapon has been unleashed. On July 8th, players will be able to get their hands on the Suppressed Assault Rifle for 24 hours.

14 Days of Summer, for us, has been a great experience that’s brought several excellent features into Fortnite. Temporary unvaulted weapons specifically intrigued us before the event and continue to pique our interest even on the event’s last days.

It’s quite possible that Epic has been using the 14 Days as a test run for future momentary public testing of new weapons. As some weapons in the past have released with overpowering stats, similar tests on live servers for 24 hours could help curb such problems.

Suppressed Assault Rifle unvaulted – 14 Days of Summer

July 8th marks the fourteenth of the 14 Days of Summer event and we’ll be sad to see it all gone. The day’s unvaulted flavor of Epic’s choice is the renowned Suppressed Assault Rifle.

While the weapon’s appearance is very similar to the SCAR Epic and Legendary ARs, it’s mechanics and stats differ from it’s “normal” counterpart.

Both the Epic and Legendary variants of the Suppressed AR have lower damage stats than the normal SCARs. For example, the Epic versions’ compare at 176 DPS for the Suppressed and 192.5 for the normal.

Magazine size remains consistent across these weapon types while the Epic’s fire rate is 0.1 slower than the normal SCAR.

It’s logical that these weapons would receive slightly lower stats for combat than the Assault Rifles. The silencers equipped on these weapons suppress the sound of gunfire significantly. This means you’ll be hard to detect from range while firing at opponents. The effect also helps to mitigate ‘third-partying’ as other teams won’t hear your shots.

While the suppression effect isn’t as effective as some other shooters, the redirection of sound can seriously throw off enemies. In a game where split-second decisions matter, being able to confuse an enemy for even a short duration becomes huge.

As it’s not an overpowered weapon, we could easily see the Suppressed AR make a permanent return at some point.

14 Days of Summer Fortnite Challenge Guides

Summer can be ‘challenging’ without some helpful guides

Unvaulted weapons are not the only feature of 14 Days of Summer. Epic Games also has released a set of 14 challenges for players to complete. Each challenge grants players with an exclusive reward along with its completion.

To help out our readers, we’ve ensured to create detailed guides for each daily challenge. The guides include maps, pictures, and videos showing you exactly to get each task done. You can find a list of hyperlinks below for each guide:

You’ll also want to check out our Fortbyte guide hub for further guides on each and every Fortbyte currently available in Fortnite. Getting 90 of these collectible nets you an exclusive skin that cannot be earned after Season 9’s end.

Well, we’ve certainly been enjoying 14 Days of Summer and it’s unique variety of content. Hopefully, as Epic returns from vacation, we can expect to see more. We’d keep playing even without big content drops, but we won’t complain if Epic wants to give us freebies!