The fifth rune has now appeared at the Loot Lake vault which means the last Rune activation event is just around the corner.

The Loot Lake vault has slowly collected runes for its locking mechanism. These act as keys to unlock the Vault and allow us to vote on a vaulted item or weapon to be returned to Fortnite.

This is all according to leaks from prominent and credible sources, but Epic Games may changes some aspects of the event before its official reveal.

Fifth Rune appears at Loot Lake

The fifth and final rune has now appeared at Loot Lake, but it has not yet been locked in just yet.

The rune appeared at around 12:00pm EST on April 30th which means the activation event should go live on May 1st at 12:00pm EST. This information is based upon previous rune activation times.

Here’s a picture of the fifth rune in Fortnite, courtesy of player ‘HighHowDoIPlay.’

Fifth Rune floating above its locking position – courtesy of HighHowDoIPlay

Parts of the upcoming Loot Lake event have been leaked via data file breaches.

The quick version of the upcoming event is that players will be able to vote for one of six vaulted items to return to Fortnite. The volcano will erupt, engulfing the map in lava, and all players will be teleported to the “in-between.”

We have a dedicated article explaining the leaks in more detail. In that piece, you find leaked images and more information about the upcoming data leaks.

Based on the fifth rune’s symbol, what do you think the activation event will entail? Tell us your thoughts in the replies.