Update 2: In a surprise twist, the fifth Loot Lake rune has been deactivated again. The rune now displays as not being locked in.

A duplicate of the Fifth Rune has now appeared nearby Salty Springs. The duplicate cannot be interacted with. The Volcano still reacts to players to throwing materials and ammo into its peak.

We honestly have no idea what is happening, but we will continue to update you on the progress of the rune activation as more details come out.

Players can gain shields now by throwing materials into the Volcano. It is still unknown if this process will re-activate the fifth rune. Updates coming soon.

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Update 1: The fifth rune has now been activated and locked in at Loot Lake. All five runes are now in place. The waiting game begins as we eagerly await the beginning of the Volcano/Nexux event.

For more information on the Nexus event, head to our dedicated article on the event.

All five runes are now active.

The Fortnite map is now shaking as the Volcano has begun to grumble every few seconds. If you are close enough to the Volcano, the ground will shake every few seconds.

This can be felt via controller rumble and screen shaking. The effect reaches all the way out to Loot Lake. The end is nigh.

No information has been released about the time of the final event as of yet. Two weapons/items still remain to be added to the Loot Lake voting screens. We suspect that it will be at least a few more days until the Nexus event begins.

Fortnite leaker @Hypex believes that a countdown of some sort will appear at Loot Lake before the event to inform players of when to be online.

The fifth and final rune for the Loot Lake vault can now be activated by players. The event involves player cooperation in order to place the rune into its locking mechanism.

Four runes have been locked into place so far. The fifth rune appeared at the vault on April 30th and now the activation event for the rune is live.

Each rune has had a global event tied to its activation. Every event requires players from around the world to participate in placing the rune.

Fifth Rune Activation Event

As with every other rune, the fifth rune also has an activation event for players to complete.

This event involves players heading to the Volcano. The fifth rune can be found at the top of the Volcano.

Here’s a picture of the rune, courtesy of @iScenario on Twitter.

The Volcano is spitting lava in-game every few minutes. The spewing seems to be linked to players throwing materials into the Volcano.

This act lowers the rune into the Volcano, one small step at a time. This information is according to @FortTory. As players throw materials and ammo into the Volcano, the rune will descend further down into the lava and magma.

You can participate by going in-game in any Core mode.

Once the rune reaches the bottom, the final rune will lock in at the Loot Lake Vault. Then we wait for the final event to begin. So exciting!

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