Artists’ concepts are a popular and constantly evolving genre of Fortnite content and March is a month of green. This Fortnite concept would bring a splash of festive colors to the game’s shielding items.

Fortnite has received thousands of different concepts, requests, and new ideas since its release. It must be a double-edged sword for Epic Game as they struggle to process the massive pile of new community inputs.

All of the same, they have seemed quite grateful of the community’s active engagement in Fortnite and even introduce concepts into the game on a regular basis.

With March being a month of green colors and the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, a Reddit community member has decided to offer up their concept on how to spice up Fortnite’s holiday celebrations.

Reddit user “boppity-boppity” (style points for the name) has given us a concept of how Shield Potions could be turned green for St. Patrick’s Day.

New shield recoloring concept! Shields should be green for Saint Patrick’s Day! from r/FortNiteBR

The item included would be the Shield Potion, Small Shield Potion, Slurp Juice, and the Chug Jug.

While we do not know exactly how Epic Games implements their textures files into these items, the color change isn’t a massive undertaking by any measure.

St. Patrick’s Day is rather close (March 17th), but the user does mention that this sort of idea could be used to incorporate other holidays in Fortnite.

For example: Red/Orange for Midsummer, Red/White/Blue for July 4th, Green/Red for Christmas, etc.

The concept would add a little festive coloring to the game in subtle and reasonable way that wouldn’t strain Epic Games’ resources and allow them to continue creating more concrete content.

Perhaps Epic Games could even use this as a new microtransaction/Challenge reward idea. ‘Shield Wraps’ of a sort which release at corresponding times of the year. It would certainly give players a little something to show off to their friends.

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