FaZe Tfue is the winningest player in Fortnite history and one of the top two streamers. 

He’s been playing the game consistently since it came out and has a valid claim as the best player in the world.

So when he criticizes the game, it makes sense to listen.

Right after Season 8 dropped, a lot of players were happy to play Fortnite without the planes and with a bunch of new content.

Not Tfue who vented his frustrations on Twitter:

Now, this is just a quick tweet but looking at his comments on stream and on social media, it has been clear that Tfue hasn’t been happy playing Fortnite for quite a while.

In previous seasons it was hard to find him criticizing the game but towards the end of Season 6 and all throughout Season 7 he began getting more vocal.

The likely explanation for the issues was posted a couple of hours after his tweet about disliking Season 8.

Burnout is a very real problem with pro streamers, especially ones who have such a dedicated and consistent audience.

Taking days off is a direct loss of revenue as subs are often not renewed and new ones aren’t gained.

Streaming was the reason Tfue didn’t travel to Katowice to compete in the $500,000 Fortnite tournament because that likely would have equated to a loss in revenue.

With a platform as big as Tfue’s, he will directly sway public opinion but it doesn’t seem like Fortnite is the sole reason he has been feeling down lately.

While stepping away from streaming for a vacation can hurt the bottom line, prioritizing money over your mental health when your in Tfue’s position will be much worse in the long run.

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