The implementation of skill-based matchmaking has been met with a mixed reception in Fortnite so far, with FaZe Clan member Nicholas ‘Thiefs’ Smorto saying it’s actively ruining the game.

Fortnite has a rapidly growing competitive scene thanks to the large prize pools and constant tournaments, but something those players want a chance to relax in normal lobbies without the need to try so hard.

The ability to do that has been taken away thanks to skill-based matchmaking that will put you into matches with players of similar skill. This means if you’re a good Fortnite player, you’ll be put into matches with good Fortnite players, taking away the chance of delivering some good old fashioned pub stomps.

Skill-based matchmaking has arrived.

Thiefs thinks the new matchmaking system is ruining Fortnite by making it less fun to play casually now.

@FortniteGame You guys are ruining your own game,” he tweeted. “Skill based matchmaking is not fun and not good or healthy for the game. People just wanna play pubs and it’s not fun to even just play casually anymore..”

For what it’s worth, he does have a point there as good players playing casually is almost out of the question now. On the other hand, casual players can still remain casual as they’ll be getting matched up with each other.

One could argue this was Epic’s reasoning for skill-based matchmaking in the first place and it’s working as intended.

For players looking to avoid long queue times in Arena, it’s disappointing but for the hordes of players who just play a couple of hours a week, it’s arguable this has created a much better playing experience.

Epic could still have some tweaks up their sleeves for the system going forward and we will be seeing those in Season 11 if they do.

How have you been liking the skill-based matchmaking in Fortnite? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. What does “playing casually” even mean??? Public unranked matches are supposed to be casual… These people have turned unranked Fortnite into World Cup matches with this logic… Just the fact that they even say this means that they are tired of facing 99 sweats in every game too. Now they know how the rest of us feel…. Those of us who actually “play casually” all the time because we’re not going to win any money by “clapping bots” in unranked public matches…

    “Playing casually” to them is probably doing only six 90s whenever you see someone, instead of the normal seven 90s…

  2. So he’s disappointed that he cant get easy kills by facing lesser skilled players? It sounds more like the problem is him rather than the game in my opinion

  3. dude let noobs play against noobs,do these proplayers even think about them,they dont care about the game they just want what’s best for them,it’s been 10 season without sbmm we needed one sooner or later,that change is gonna make fortnite better like it or not

  4. For him “playing casually” means easy kills and easy wins against “noobs” and people who don’t spend all day every day playing… for the “noobs” that’s not fun, nor is it casual to be matched against players with massively higher skill. Us lower skill, actually casual players need to be able to play casually without having the shite kicked out of us by the pros. FFS.

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  6. How about the people he is stomping in those easy games.
    How do they feel about a crazy good player stomping them so they don’t have a chance to play the game.

    Skill based match making is great it has made me play Fortnite more. However they need to restrict it to platform having it crossplay isn’t fair when people are on a PS4 in an end zone gets fps drops to 10-20 they just miss half the fight and lose.

  7. Love matchmaking. Played since season 2 and was about to stop because I cant build or aim. But now its fun again. People who suck at the game like me are hillarious. Its like human bots. I like very much.

  8. i honestly hate sbmm. Im not a pro, not even close, but i dont suck either. im like a 7/10 on this game. But somehow im getting placed with people who no life this game and only play fortnite, who are 9/10 or even 10/10. I dont play this game exclusively so i dont want to join a game where theres people playing like the world cup, when i just want to play fortnite for fun because it is a fun game, but not recently. I would much rather have like 4 good ass players in a lobby , instead of the whole lobby being sweats. sbmm shouldnt even be on a battle royale game. it defeats the purpose of darwinism . just my opinion though.

  9. What they should do is have LTM’s where popular streamers pick the rules. The streamers can decide what weapons are in the game, whether or not there is siphoning, vehicles if any and lastly what season’s island is used. In addition, in the shop there could be that streamer as a skin, people would love to be able to play as the person they enjoy watching stream. This way those who play the most can chose exactly what the guidelines are for a week, and maybe we can stop hearing how Fortnite is being ruined. Serious about the LTM, would be fun to have Epic work with a streamer to pick exactly what they want in the game for a week, especially if they could pick the season map to go along with their desires!

  10. I’m not that good of a builder and I still get sweats in my lobby. I’m gonna need to not face keyboard warriors when I play fortnite.


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