Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was accused by another player of cheating during the World Cup Qualifier on May 4, and FaZe Clan’s pro hit back with the ultimate flex.

Last week during the third week of qualifiers on April 28, ex-Rise Nation XXiF and Ronaldo were found to be cheating and getting fed kills which resulted in a two-week ban and forfeit of their place at the Fortnite World Cup in July.

Epic Games eventually ruled on the situation, but now people think FaZe Clan’s most popular Fortnite player, Tfue, did the same thing on May 4.

What is Tfue accused of?

Tfue was participating in the Fortnite Online Opens on May 4 with his duo, FaZe Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore attempting to land their place at the $30m Fortnite World Cup.

Tfue landed at the Block, immediately found a gun, and we able to eliminate a weaponless enemy.

One Fortnite player, Wuji, tweeted to Tfue and accused him of getting fed kills, which was what XXiF and Ronaldo were found guilty of last week.

Tfue hit back at his accuser by saying “100k people were watching me and how many people were watching you and XXiF? 0 okay dope.”

Even though the FaZe pro’s statements could be taken as a flex, Tfue was trying to state that he had witnesses that would have clearly saw him cheat.

He finished the beef with Wuji by slamming his skill with, “Like a 14 day ban matters when you suck and won’t qualify anyway.”

Tfue has already qualified for the Fortnite World Cup as a solo but is still attempting to qualify with his duo, FaZe Cloak.

Do you think Tfue was out of line, or do you think he was just setting Wuji straight? Let us know your thoughts!