Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, FaZe Clan’s star Fortnite player, shared his thoughts on stream sniping in Fortnite while he was streaming on March 25.

Stream snipers have been a huge issue for Fortnite streamers ever since the game launched in 2017, with popular personalities like Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins outraged at the impact stream snipers have on their games.

Stream sniping is when one player watches another players stream in order to find their location and to gain the upper hand.

Fans of popular Fortnite players like to watch their streams in order figure out their location, health levels, and weapon load out.

Once players are able to locate their target, they will immediately charge them and attempt to eliminate them so that they can briefly appear on stream.

FaZe clan’s prized Fortnite pro, Tfue, was streaming on March 25 when the topic of stream sniping was bought up by a viewer.

Tfue chatted with his stream about stream snipers saying, “When it comes to stream snipers bro, I don’t give a fuck. Like, I, personally, don’t care about these fucking idiots that land on me, pinch me, push me, whatever bro. It’s a video game.”

He continued on with, “What I do care about is them downgrading this premium content that I am streaming on Twitch by stream sniping. That fucking pisses me off. That upsets me.”

“These fucking kids that are stream sniping are making the content less enjoyable, and that’s all I care about.”

It is no surprise that Tfue feels strongly about stream snipers, especially when they effect his game play.

Thousands of viewers tune in to watch Tfue destroy any lobby he is in when he plays Fortnite, but when stream snipers purposely set out to ruin Tfue’s games, that can definitely be frustrating.

Epic has attempted to put in guards to try and stop stream sniping, like in-game delay and a streamer mode, but gamers can still manage to locate others through stream sniping.

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