Faze Tfue has given his opinion on the combination between the Grappler and the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Faze Tfue, known as a streamer who refuses to purchase any Fortnite cosmetic, was recently broadcasting Fortnite since his return to Twitch and YouTube (he was banned for a while), and decided to give his thoughts on the current Grappler and Double Barrel Shotgun combination.

In the stream, Tfue ziplines up towards an enemy base and pulls out the Double-Barrel shotgun – a weapon that even TSM Daequan called ridiculously unfair to use in a gunfight – before eliminating the opponents.

The broadcaster immediately felt sorry the defeated opponent, turning to the chat as he muttered “imagine looting for the whole game, just so someone could grapple/double barrel you.”

“Epic [Games], I hope you’re listening man, get it gone. Get rid of it. It’s too much.” the streamer continued to plead to the developers of Fortnite to remove the combination. Another similar technique of easily killing your opponent was double pumping, which Epic Games decided to eventually prevent with a shotgun delay.

Daequan gave his ideas on how to balance shotguns recently – suggesting that they make the shotgun delay exclusive to the Double Barrel shotgun in order to make the shotguns fair against it, or just increase the power of the other shotguns to make the fight between close quarters less biased in favour of the Double Barrel.

What do you think? Are there any other unfair techniques Epic Games should look into fixing? Let us know!

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