During a one million dollar tournament qualifier, FaZe Tfue was unfortunately eliminated by a hacker.

Turner Tenney, better known online as Tfue, was in the middle of his qualifying matches for Epic Games Winter Royale when a hacker blatantly cheated to eliminate him.

Typically, it can be difficult to discern if a player is hacking, however in this situation the player doesn’t try to hide the fact.

The hacker in question hits several headshots in succession on three different players including Tfue when they are completely hidden in the corn stalks located in Fatal Fields.

“This tournament sucks, dude,” Tfue can be heard saying in frustration.

It also didn’t help that Tfue wasn’t able to qualify for the remainder of the Winter Royale, as he did not score in the top 200 players of North America.

Clearly not happy with his scores throughout the different North American qualifiers, Tfue called himself “Trash”.

Tfue is typically dominant in Fortnite, even winning the Fall Skirmish with his partner Cloakzy during TwitchCon in October.

He wasn’t the only popular streamer to miss out. Several others including Nate Hill, SypherPK, and Nickmercs also failed to qualify.

The Winter Royale is the first open tournament for the popular Battle Royale with cash prizes. The prize pool includes $1,000,000 in cash prizes across Europe and North America.

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