One of FaZe Clan’s star Fortnite players, Turner “Tfue” Tenney, wins so many games that he is more than happy to hand out a Victory Royale to a fellow Default.

FaZe Tfue was streaming Fortnite solos on March 4, which was nothing out of the ordinary.

He encountered two other enemies, and saw that one of them was a player with a “default” skin on and was not particularly good at Fortnite.

Tfue told his stream that he was going to let the default player win, and easily handled the other player.

The default player took advantage of Tfue’s kindness, and eliminated him for a Victory Royale.

“I let this guy win dude, because he’s a default bro. And defaults for life.” Tfue told his chat, before revealing an inner lip tattoo with “Default” in thick, black ink.

Tfue showed off his inner lip tattoo for several seconds before pulling back, smirking, and saying “Defaults for life, dude”.

The inner lip tattoo isn’t Tfue’s first tattoo, or even his first Fortnite tattoo, as he got a “Jonesy” tattoo on his upper thigh by famous tattoo artist, Roman Lacoste, during a stream on February 16.

Tfue began to popularize the default Fortnite skin once he was banned on his main account for account trading, and had to create a new account per Epic Games’ Terms of Service.

Once he created the new account, he vowed to never buy a Fortnite skin and to dedicate himself as a permanent “default”.

He has since gone on to eventually buy a skin, receive other skins from Epic and from other’s player gifting him items, but he still continues to represent the default skin proudly.

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