No this isn’t an April Fools joke, Tfue is actually a fan of the changes made in Fortnite’s v8.20 update.

He was on stream on March 31st and went off in a series of comments about why the update actually made a lot of sense for Fortnite.

A viewer on his stream asked him the simple question that has dominated twitter replies on basically all Fortnite related accounts.

Even though Twitter polls have shown as much as 90% of the respondents want the update reverted, Tfue is apparently in the 10%.

When the viewer asked: “Do you want the update reverted?” Tfue responded: “No, I think this last update was healthy for the game… Bro I hate almost every single update and I honestly think this was the only good one they have done.”

When people accuse him of trolling or playing an early April Fools joke, he appears genuine. “I’m not even trolling. I literally said before they added it that health on kill and mats on kill should never be in the public playlist.”

His comments begin at 0:15 seconds in this video and run until two minutes:

His opinion goes against just about all of his peers in the streaming world and also the general Fortnite player base. Those two worlds have seemingly butted heads on a number of issues, and now they are unified against something in a stronger fashion than I can remember seeing.

Tfue may be playing Devil’s Advocate here where he intentionally goes against the grain just because, but his tone in those comments is tough to read.

He definitely has a lot of influence in the community and it will be interesting to see if his viewers pick up stance on the update.

What do you think about Tfue’s comments? Is he trolling?

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