FaZe Tfue, real name Turner Tenney, had vowed to never purchase a cosmetic from Fortnite’s Item Shop again – until now.

FaZe Tfue had vowed to never purchase a Fortnite skin, and it had got him a lot of attention regarding it. He had never purchased a Battle Pass, skin, or cosmetic on his Fortnite account. But why?

Well, firstly his original Fortnite account was banned by Epic Games and had caused him to “boycott” their services by not supporting them with any monetary gain. Due to this, he has been seen during major tournaments without a skin or cosmetic equipped – dubbed the “leader of the no skin movement”.

However, it seems he has changed his mind. Tfue recently tweeted that his fans would have to get his tweet to hit 100,000 retweets in order to buy a skin on Fortnite. Let’s say that… well… he got his wish in just 18 hours, with over 120,000 retweets by time of publication.

“100,000 RETWEET AND ILL BUY A SKIN” he tweeted, with a photo of the Bullseye skin from the Item Shop. He reached his goal, unsurprisingly, and proceeded to purchase the Bullseye skin on stream.

But why did he suddenly change his mind? Well, according to Tenney, Epic Games had offered to give him the upcoming NFL skins early to showcase them. Tfue declined the offer, but apparently they gave him the skins anyway. You can see them in his inventory on the clip above.

Sneaky Epic, they finally got him to purchase a skin. What do you think about this? Let us know below!

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