During one of his live streams, FaZe Tfue told his viewers some of the changes he would like to see to specific items in Fortnite.

Tfue talked about both the Rift-To-Go and the Grappler and told his chat how he would like to see them changed.

Both items are movement based and help players to traverse the Battle Royale map quickly.

Regarding the items, Tfue said, “I think that [the Rift-To-Go] should have like a 5-second activation timer, at least. And I think that Grapplers should have a weapon delay timer upon use.”

The changes that Tfue suggest would slow down the use of both items making it harder to escape or attack with either.

Both of the Rift-To-Go and Grappler both come in the Epic rarity. Right now the Rift-To-Go can be activated immediately and the Grappler has no reload or delay timer.

Players can accomplish some pretty crazy plays with these items in their current state, as shown by TimTheTatMan with the Rift-To-Go.

Or there’s the following Ninja play with the Grappler.

While both items are fun to use it does seem weird that they can be used instantly while almost every other item and weapon have some kind of delay or reload time.

It still remains to be seen if Epic Games thinks that either the Rift-To-Go or Grappler need to be reworked.

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