Fortnite’s prize duo from FaZe Clan, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore, showed the world how to properly counter the Baller with a unique combination.

Tfue and Cloak are known to be one of the best duos in competitive Fortnite, especially since they won the Fortnite Fall Skirmish at TwitchCon 2018.

The Baller vehicle was added into Fortnite during Season 8, which seemingly replaced the vaulted X4-Stormwing plane.

The vehicle is a spherical ball where players can sit inside while rolling around the map, along with the Grappler mounted to the front to make rotations seamlessly simple.

Since the Baller was added into Fortnite, players have been using the vehicle to remain safe until the end game.

Tons of streamers have complained how the new meta is heavily focused on the Baller and the advantages it grants players.

Tfue and Cloak were participating during the Luxe Cup finals during a stream on March 31 when they encountered the last two players in the game.

The duo was posted in Tilted Towers when they noticed that the remaining players were hidden behind brick walls, where they were safely sitting next to a pair of Ballers.

The pair organized a play where Cloak would shoot down the walls with a Rocket Launcher while Tfue launched a Boogie Bomb at their feet.

Fortnite’s Baller vehicle was added during Season 8.

The remaining players were then surprised by the Boogie Bomb, and attempted to dance their way away from the fight.

Once a Boogie Bomb is tossed at a player within the Baller, they will be forced outside of the protective barrier.

FaZe Clan’s prized duo quickly eliminated the final two players for a Victory Royale.

“That’s how you fucking do it right there boys. Get your fucking notepads out.” Tfue exclaimed as he celebrated the win with his duo.

Players can not expect to be able to pick up a Rocket Launcher and Boogie Bomb due to Fortnite’s RNG, but this is one of the more impressive counters to the Baller that we have seen.

If you know of any other unique ways to counter the Baller vehicle in Fortnite, let us know on Twitter at @FortniteINTEL!

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  1. What kind of crap writer do you have? This wasn’t for the win. There was over 20 left still. Please quit your jobs, all of you


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