Some of Fortnite’s top professionals have teamed up to compete in the Trio Champion Series, and FaZe Clan’s Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson, Benjy ‘benjyfishy’ Fish, and Dmitri ‘mitr0’ Van De Vrie were able to secure a 42 elimination win.

Since the beginning of competitive Fortnite, the community has been focused on solo and duo matches. Epic Games tried to run a few squad tournaments, however, Fortnite’s servers could not handle the number of builds on the server creating tons of lag.

Epic announced after the World Cup that competitive will switch to Trios due to adjustments and advancements towards Fortnite’s servers. One of the most notable Trios to be formed was a scary combo of benjyfishy, mitr0, and FaZe Mongraal.

While the Trio was participating in the Fortnite Champion Series on August 24, the squad was able to eliminate almost half of the lobby for an insane 42 elimination, 60 point victory.

Fortnite’s scariest Trio?

The Trio was participating in a qualifier match in the Champion Series that boasts a $10 million prize pool.

All three landed at Retail Row due to the zombie spawn that allows players to earn better loot than what is found around the town. After they cleared Retail, they moved with the circle towards Salty Springs.

After the Trio noticed how successful they were, the members split up in order to maximize the number of eliminations they could earn. It worked.

The young team ended with 42 kills as Mongraal had 17 eliminations, benjyfishy with 10, and mitr0 with 15. Their dominating performance was able to earn them 57 points.

While a 42 elimination win isn’t the most impressive for a squad of pros, but they were able to earn those within a lobby of the highest skilled Fortnite players. Only the top players who qualify for Fortnite’s Champions League, the highest tier in Arena, can participate in the event.

If these three are setting the tone for the Fortnite Champion League, then players should certainly practice cranking their 90s in order to keep up with the competition.