FaZe Jarvis received a high-profile ban from Fortnite. He announced the next chapter of his life and career in a new YouTube video.

The banning of Fortnite streamer and pro player FaZe Jarvis was one of the more controversial community decisions that Epic has ever made. Fortnite fans, players, and personalities seemed split as to whether or not the lifetime ban for hacking was warranted.

Despite the community backlash, Epic stuck to their guns. They have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and will not make an exception for the FaZe pro.

Epic banned Jarvis for using an aimbot in Fortnite. The pro player wasn’t using the hack to gain a competitive advantage in a tournament. He was open about it and used the aimbot for content.

Still, Jarvis used a well-known cheating tool in a public lobby. Epic banned him for life and seem to be unwavering on their decision.

Jarvis issues a heartfelt apology on YouTube after the ban, stating that he had no idea how severe the punishment would be. An Epic spokesperson later spoke to The Sun and doubled-down on their decision.

Since then, Jarvis has been quiet on social media. He finally broke his silence on November 10, releasing a YouTube video about his plans for his post-Fortnite career.

According to Jarvis, everything is still up in the air. He’s going home to be with his family and taking a break from creating content.

“Taking a break isn’t going to be easy but I know it’s the right thing,”  he said. “I’m heading back home for a bit to be with my family and reflect on what’s most important to me in life and where I want to go next.”

Jarvis is young and has a massive following on his YouTube channel. He may have to switch games, but the future is still bright for the star who made his name on Fortnite.

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