FaZe H1ghSky1, Fortnite’s youngest professional player, has triumphantly returned after his social media bans. Due to revelations from Tfue’s lawsuit drama, the 12 year old got was removed from Twitch & Twitter due to age restrictions.

Age has become a hot topic since H1ghSky1 was banned from Twitch & Twitter. While the want to start a streaming career young is understandable, the rules are the rules. After a suspension from Twitter for lying about his age, FaZe’s young member makes a comeback.

The bans and outings of the player’s (and his family’s lies) were the unfortunate collateral damage of Tfue’s lawsuit. The dramatic exit led to H1ghSky1’s true age of 12 becoming public knowledge.

FaZe H1ghSky1 makes his return to Twitter

Getting banned from social media as a professional gamer must be devastating, but H1ghSky1 has handled the affair quite well. After an apology earlier in the month, the pro began streaming through Youtube and has now been unbanned on Twitter.

In his first tweet since the age debacle, the player thanked his fans for their support.

Of course, this means that his Twitter account has been unlocked after serving his punishment. The young kid did not present any ill-will towards Twitter for their decision. As with his apology video, H1ghSky1 just wants to display how grateful he is for his fans’ support.

The announcement of reaching 1 million subscribers on Youtube is a massive milestone. While many influencers can boast such numbers, H1ghSky1’s rise to fame at such a young age is something truly amazing. We’re certain this has to do with his genuine demeanor and marvelous Fortnite skills.

In fact, at the end of the day, this whole situation about his age might play to H1ghSky1’s favor. The player’s Twitch account will remain banned until further notice due to being under 13 years of age, but his Youtube number continue to rise. We suspect that Twitch will be open to unbanning the account on the player’s birthday.

We wish only the best for the pre-teen star in his Fortnite future.

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