Epic Games added the Boom Bow into Fortnite with update v8.20, with tons of streamers showing off insane shots and tricks with the new weapon.

Players are used to Epic Games updating Fortnite every week, since there is a new patch available approximately every seven days.

April 2 update introduced the “Boom Bow” weapon, which is a new design based off of the now vaulted “Crossbow”.

The Crossbow was vaulted in May 2018, and briefly returned in February for Fortnite’s Valentine’s Day event.

The Boom Bow acts as a bow, however, there is a shotgun shell attached to each arrow fired from the Boom Bow.

The Boom Bow will deal more damage the longer the player pulls back the bow, with max velocity at 1.6 seconds held.

FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was streaming the new patch on April 2, attempting to show off the Boom Bow for his viewers.

Tfue was leaving Lazy Lagoon in order to get into the zone that was closing in on Loot Lake.

As he was landing, he found another player rotating around the map in a Baller.


Tfue located another player from above and greeted him with, “Hey, look, a ball gamer! Hello, ball gamer!”

FaZe Clan’s top Fortnite pro then began to push towards the Baller enemy, but the other player noticed Tfue and got out of the vehicle in order to prepare for the fight.

As Tfue watched the player exit the Baller, Tfue aimed down his sights with the Boom Bow and was able to land an incredible shot.

Even though Tfue only pulled back the bow for a short about of time, he was able to land a headshot and instantly eliminate the enemy.

The American was able to land a shot that dealt 117 shield damage and 100 body damage, taking out all of the enemy’s health.

Tfue himself was surprised by the shot, as he covered his mouth in disbelief.

This is only one clip from Fortnite pros pulling insane shots with the new Boom Bow, as there are tons laying around the internet.

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