Professional player and part-time model, Nate Hill, has come up with a competitive concept that could work for Fortnite esports.

Nate is considered one of the world’s best Fortnite players and has consistently placed well in the official Epic Games tournaments.

It was through those notable placements in the Summer Skirmish event at PAX that the young prospect was picked up by the FaZe Clan organization, who boast arguably the strongest lineup in the business with the likes of Tfue and Cloakzy representing the brand.

The direction of Fortnite esports, and in particular the format, has been a contentious issue among the community and with Epic Games continuing to try out new things, it appears even the developer is undecided on how it should look.

Nate Hill has proposed his own idea by suggesting that the ranking format used by Golf is copied. As a sport also predominately played solo, it makes sense. He’d like to see smaller events culminate in a finals, rather than the current procedure where players queue up to play in a qualifier on the day of the major tournaments.

The subject is a topical one, with Team SoloMid player Myth complaining on November 17 that there are major organization issues with the way Fortnite esports is currently run.

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