Following a series of events which took place during Week 1 of Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish Event, Nate Hill of FaZe Clan has officially been suspended, while FunkBomb has permanently been removed from the event.

Nate Hill read an official letter provided by Epic Games regarding his suspension and the removal of FunkBomb.

As the teammate and beneficiary [Nate Hill] will be suspended immediately from participating in all Fall Skirmish Trials and Skirmishes until conclusion of suspension on October 11th.

[Nate Hill will remain] a member of the Dusty Dogs Club and will remain eligible for Club Prizing in the Fall Skirmish.

FunkBomb is kicked out of Dusty Dogs effective immediately and will not be eligible for Club prizing, but may participate in the TwitchCon Tournament.

If you’ve missed out on the drama, here’s a recap. During a Fall Skirmish match, FunkBomb had been eliminated and was spectating the official event stream. Without realizing there is no stream delay, FunkBomb called out the HP and position of an enemy player to his teammate Nate Hill giving him an unfair advantage.

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NateHill suspended until Oct 11. Funk kicked out of skirmish and club. from r/FortniteCompetitive

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