Cloak, much like Tfue before him, hasn’t had a graceful exit from FaZe Clan. Due to contract issues and mistreatment, Cloak has wanted to leave the organization for months. He partially got his wish when FaZe declared their intent to give him restricted free agency.

Esports’ rise from the mud has been lightning fast in recent years, but that has led to serious contractual issues. Players have been thrown around as pawns in a greater game and many receive raw deals that cut into their prowess and profits.

Cloak’s experience with FaZe Clan led him to want to leave the organization. After months of Cloak wanting out, FaZe stumbled into a mess by wanting to ‘transfer’ the player. Cloak did not accept and threatened to release dirt of the org’s dealings, but FaZe has now changed course.

Cloak becomes Restricted Free Agent

Fortnite’s esports scene is still developing and the growing pains can be seen on multiple fronts. Tfue’s and Cloak’s exits from FaZe Clan are examples of these problems. The most recent drama may be winding down as a deal may have been struck.

Cloak, according to himself, has wanted to leave the esports team for six months. After the player threatened to reveal ‘everything’ about FaZe, the team backed down and gave Cloak restricted free agency.

While being a restricted free agent isn’t the same as being completely free of FaZe, the deal may be enough to calm Cloak. The decision will allow Cloak to choose which organization he plays for, give representation rights back to the player, and free him from the FaZe bureaucracy.

From the tweet, it looks like the esports organization is only keeping his player rights in order to help with possible future transfers. However, Cloak was adamant about not wanting to be transferred. We don’t expect this to change and Cloak surely already has many offers lined up without the help of FaZe.

Cloak has not replied to the free agency statement publicly as of yet. The player’s intentions for the future are unclear, but he’s popular enough to go it alone if he chooses.

Additionally, there have been rumors about Tfue creating an org of his own. Cloak might join such a company after the fiasco he has had with mainstream teams.

Where do you think Cloak is heading now that he is free of FaZe’s metaphorical shackles? While the future might be foggy for the young star, we have a strong feeling that he’ll land on his feet and be ready for the next big Fortnite tournament.