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FaZe Cizzorz’s “death run” obstacle course is coming down to a speed run



FaZe Cizzorz’s nearly impossible “death run” obstacle course is a speed runners dream.

Full of traps and small platforms, the “death run” posed a massive challenge to everyone who tried it, and some had deemed it impossible.

The player who first beat the run goes by @suezhoo and he did it in less than eight minutes. 

Suezhoo did die eight times – respawns have a three-second delay and send the player back to the last checkpoint – but did many stretches near perfect.

Those deaths opened up an opportunity for @PoopyFartyPee who never died and completed the run in 4 minutes 11 seconds. 

Here’s the current leader in the death run speedrun:

Suezhoo did hit the replies on Twitter and said, “good shit bro, be ready for a shaveoff battle.”

He definitely thinks the run could be improved upon and is keen on getting the title he held for a day back. Players have until 2019 to beat the time if they want to qualify for the prize money.

The prize for the best time in 2018 is now $1,500 after Team Liquid’s Vivid added another $500 when he couldn’t complete the course.

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Rare Fortnite clip shows Darth Vader boss killing a Loot Llama

The Sith Lord hunts down a rather unexpected target across the island. Here’s what went down when Vader chased a Llama.



fortnite darth vader feature image

Fortnite is known for creating rare moments every once in a while where the player community is usually left in disbelief. One of those rare moments was witnessed recently by a player where the Darth Vader NPC chased down a Loot Llama and started slaying it with a lightsaber.

There are several moments in Fortnite that have been popular over the years amongst the player community. From Ninja’s Rocket Rides to Muselk’s The Rescue of Chappadoodle, the game has given the world some of the most unique clips ever seen in gaming.

Most of these clips are rare and are witnessed at least once every season where either a bug in the game causes it or just the foolishness of a player that takes place. Recently, a bug in-game forced the Sith Lord roaming the island, Darth Vader, to go against a Loot Llama.

Here’s what really went down in the now-viral clip and how the community reacted to this rare moment.

Darth Vader vs Loot Llama: A battle Fortnite never saw coming

Loot Llamas in-game have been pretty annoying ever since Fortnite decided to bring them to life in Chapter 2 Season 7. When a player goes after a Llama, the amount of ammo that’s wasted in shooting it down is not worth it.

Moreover, the location of the player is easily revealed to their opponents as the player chases down the Llama. This is the reason why mainly a lot of players do not even bother to chase down a Loot Llama on the map anymore.

As players refused to entertain the Llama in the game anymore, the newly added NPC in the game, Darth Vader decided to take the matter into his own hands. In a clip posted on Reddit by u/iluvwilliam, Darth Vader chases down a Llama and continues to slash it down with Lightsaber throws and strikes.

Even after multiple strikes, the Llama refuses to be killed and instead rifts away, taking Vader along with him. Well, this surely shows that even Vader cannot bring the mighty animal down after all the might of his Mythic Lightsaber.

One of the players commented on a famous line from the Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, giving it their own hilarious twist as Vader goes after the Loot quoting:

“Loot. I am your Father.”

Another player expressed their concerns with the current Loot Llama and how Fortnite can actually take steps to fix them. From lowering their health to increasing the countdown before it rifts away, these suggestions actually would fix the issue players have with the creature.

Whatever the scenario might be, the player community still can’t express enough grief about the current situation with Llamas as they are shifting to Reality Saplings to get good loot. Moreover, the Llamas were only good for farming a huge number of materials which is not needed anymore as the majority of the player-base shifts to Zero Build mode.

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How to get Starmapping Wrap for free in Fortnite Season 3

Another PlayStation exclusive tournament arrives in Fortnite with the release of a new season and it rewards participants who play. Here’s what you can get.




An exclusive PlayStation based tournament is incoming later this month for console players and rewards each participant with a free wrap. Alongside it, winners are in for cash prizes and the prize pool this time around is extremely generous.

Fortnite and PlayStation has had a bunch of collabs ranging from tournaments to exclusive skin packs and the console platform rewarding players with free skins as part of their premium membership program. These cosmetics are highly exclusive and still have a good reputation amongst the player base.

However, there is a separate exclusivity for those cosmetics which one can win or reward themselves with upon playing a certain tournament and grabbing those rewards. Several of these cosmetics are in the form of a cosmetic wrap, emoticon or even skins that sometimes never hit the Item Shop for others to purchase.

With the release of the latest Chapter 3 Season 3, players have just started introducing themselves to new tournaments and farming those Arena hype points to reach contender and champion league. While the grind continues, a console only tournament for PS4 & PS5 players is set to arrive later this month where players can get a free cosmetic wrap.

Play the June Fortnite PlayStation Cup to win a free wrap and more rewards

According to recent news, a Fortnite tournament is set to hit the game next week for PS4 & PS5 players only where they will have a chance to win a share of a whopping $116,750 which is placement based. However, there are several amounts allocated to each region depending upon the number of active player it hosts.

Moreover, the mode of tournament will be a regular Solos match with Builds enabled and a traditional Battle Royale will take place with all competitive features enabled. So you can jump in to the game without having to find a partner or team up with someone with bad comms or network lag.

Additionally, players who score more than 8 points throughout the tournament will receive a stunning Starmapping wrap that will be awarded once the tournament ends. The wrap will be available for players to equip in their locker and can only be availed between June 28 to June 30.

The wrap looks identical to several animated wraps that have hit the item shop before as well. However, the PS exclusive wrap will hold its exclusivity as only console players will be able to flaunt them like they do with OG skins like Neo Versa etc.

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Where to get Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite Season 3

Ripsaw Launcher was added in v21.10 update in Fortnite Season 3. Here’s where you can find them.




Fortnite introduced loopers to exciting new weapons and cosmetics in Season 3 that they have been enjoying ever since it launched. A popular weapon that made the highlights in the trailer for the latest season was the Ripsaw Launcher and it is now in-game for players to experience.

Weapons arsenal in Fortnite has changed over the years that matches the theme of a particular season as well as justifies its use. This season players saw the addition of new weapons like Hammer Assault Rifle and DMR, offering players a high energy combat in every match they play and have grown popular with time.

However, several items like the Grapple Gun, which is not considered as a weapon, has also been a popular new item in-game as players are enjoying it to its fullest. Although with the launch of the Season 3 trailer, players saw a tease at a saw blade like weapon where they can easily destroy builds, vehicles and their enemies in a single shot, if arranged in a single line.

The weapon officially named as Ripsaw Launcher, has now been added to v21.10 update this week and is on the island for players to use. Here’s where you can get it.

Get Ripsaw Launcher and use it in the island now

Ripsaw Launcher is a launcher based rare weapon that can be found in-game now for players to claim and slash their enemies with. You can find a limited amount of these weapons only at a certain POI rather than in Chest Loot or Supply Drops.

To get the weapon, you first need to land north of Logjam Lotus (earlier Logjam Lumberyard) in a Logjam warehouse. Once landed, you will then need to head inside the building with a Logjam sign inside of it.

As you proceed into the building, you will be able to see 4 of these launchers mounted on a wall where you can interact and equip as much as you would like. You can also stack all 4 of them in your loadout.

However, every launcher has only 12 blade shots that you can shoot from it. It suits as the best weapon to shred builds in one single shot and reveal your enemies. Moreover, you can use it to destroy enemy vehicles as one blade deals 100 damage to them.

The reload time for the launcher is 3.5 seconds. Although, once you spin it, it will continue to do so for 10 seconds and deal 25 damage per build and 60 damage to players. The weapon will deploy a blade when fired and will travel in a straight vertical line and keep on destroying everything in its way.

Although this not be an ideal weapon for close combat fights, but if combined with another weapons with timing, could be extremely deadly to your opponents. However, the recoil rate for this weapon is extremely high so its accuracy is highly doubtable.

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