FaZe Cizzorz’s nearly impossible “death run” obstacle course is a speed runners dream.

Full of traps and small platforms, the “death run” posed a massive challenge to everyone who tried it, and some had deemed it impossible.

The player who first beat the run goes by @suezhoo and he did it in less than eight minutes. 

Suezhoo did die eight times – respawns have a three-second delay and send the player back to the last checkpoint – but did many stretches near perfect.

Those deaths opened up an opportunity for @PoopyFartyPee who never died and completed the run in 4 minutes 11 seconds. 

Here’s the current leader in the death run speedrun:

Suezhoo did hit the replies on Twitter and said, “good shit bro, be ready for a shaveoff battle.”

He definitely thinks the run could be improved upon and is keen on getting the title he held for a day back. Players have until 2019 to beat the time if they want to qualify for the prize money.

The prize for the best time in 2018 is now $1,500 after Team Liquid’s Vivid added another $500 when he couldn’t complete the course.

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