The owner and founder of FaZe Clan is still actively going after the Tfue lawsuit and providing his side the lawsuit story.

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Update 9:34 PM PT: FaZe Banks has released an official video responding to the allegations against FaZe Clan posed by Tfue. That can be found here:

In this video, he provides further proof against two more of Tfue’s claims. He shows Tfue pressuring other people to jump off a bridge, something he claimed FaZe pressured him to do. He also shows Tfue drinking and another partygoer chugging a handle of alcohol, at a party not on FaZe premises.

The rest of the article can be found below in chronological order of Banks comments throughout the day.

There you can find the initial story and immediate reactions from people in the industry, Nadeshot’s comments about FaZe and subsequent apology, and FaZe Banks calling Nadeshot a “piece of shit.”

Banks didn’t stop there and he has been active on social media all day in regards to this story.

He also went on KEEMSTAR’s Drama Alert YouTube show to do an interview. If you don’t want to watch the full interview, there is a quick summary below.

While Keem did try to get in some important questions, the interview mostly consisted of Banks just repeating how much he cares for Tfue and how he catapulted his career.

That much is true, but allegations like FaZe signing an 11-year-old and asking him to lie about his age went untouched.

On that interview, it seemed like he hadn’t even actually read the Hollywood Reporter story that kicked all of this off. When Keem mentioned the allegations of underage drinking, Banks seemed surprised to hear that.

He even admitted he “maybe should have done more research before coming on.”

Now it seems like he has read the report, but he is still actively tweeting about the situation. Here are his tweets in order:

This falls on a common misinterpretation of the report. Tfue never said that FaZe took 80% of his tournament winnings. That isn’t reported anywhere but has been brought up by Banks multiple times.

He said they took 80% of his public appearance fees and streaming / YouTube revenue, those points have been refuted by Banks, but this clip doesn’t prove anything in the report is incorrect.

Here Banks points out the affect joining FaZe Clan had on Tfue’s popularity, and it is hard to argue with that sharp increase in viewers.

This appears to be conjecture about Tfue’s motivations for bringing on the lawsuit.

Here alludes to an interesting underlying part of the report. Who actually persuaded Tfue to start this lawsuit. Based on Banks comments on Drama Alert and in this tweet, it seems like he might think Tfue is being pushed to do this by someone around him.

This tweet could get him into a lot of trouble. In Drama Alert, he mentions that Tfue was already drinking before joining FaZe, but that doesn’t really matter.

As the owner of a house and a company, providing alcohol to a minor is illegal, it doesn’t matter if they were pressured into it or not. Posting that he is drinking (in Mexico where it is legal) does not make Tfue’s claims any less illegal.

He begins to finish up by saying he still loves Tfue, and just wants him to call him.

He continues trying to finish up with this tweet, where it seems like he is saying that Tfue’s contract would let them take more of his winnings, but they have chosen not to do that.

This actually appears to be his last tweet, and he reiterates they have only earned 60k from Tfue.

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