Fortnite fans have called for a change to how the game’s health system works during the Pop-Up Cup events.

Pop-Up Cups are built into the game through the Tournament section, allowing players to take part in competitive game modes, compared to the base version of Fortnite that fans are accustomed to.


In these tournaments, players are rewarded with extra health for earning kills, so if you were able to eliminate an opponent, you would receive 50 HP, or 50 shield points if your health bar was full.

However, fans of the game mode are calling for changes to be made to the system after it was revealed that players who knock an opponent but are unable to eliminate them before they leave the game don’t receive any HP as a reward.

Pro player Anthony ‘ZexRow’ Colandro was an unfortunate victim of this situation on Sunday, December 2, when he managed to kill an enemy player up close with an assault rifle, but could only watch as his opponent quit before he could finish him off.

Fellow pro and Team Liquid star Ryan ‘Chap’ Chapo also ran into an issue with the health system. He managed to knock an opponent, and then shot him with a shotgun, dealing 99 damage. However, because the enemy player bled out instead of being eliminated by Chap, he didn’t receive any health as a reward.

Fortnite fans believe that if a player quits the game when they are knocked down, or if they bleed out when knocked, the person who dealt the damage to them should still be rewarded with the health boost.

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