Shotguns are a vital weapon for Fortnite Battle Royale, and one fan was able to record proof showing that the weapon’s hitbox damage is incredibly inconsistent.

Ever since Fortnite Battle Royale launched in 2017, shotguns have been a vital portion of claiming a Victory Royale.

Most Fortnite players have one or two shotguns in their inventory since the weapon is extremely useful in close combat situations.

A video was posted to the FortniteCompetitive subreddit by TTV-XeroXBL which showcases how inconsistent the shotgun’s hitbox is.

“Hitboxes are broken”

TTV-XeroXBL’s video shows him aiming down his sight with his shotgun, with the reticle aimed just above his enemy’s head.

The on-screen reticle is meant to show players where the shotgun’s spread will land with it’s compacted shell spread.

XeroXBL begins the video by aiming the reticle slightly above the enemy’s head, which should not deal maximum damage… but it does.

Hitboxes are beyond broken from FortniteCompetitive

With the reticle aimed a few ticks above his friends’ head, the shotgun deals 86 damage.

Another shot in the same area landed for 86 damage again, showing that it wasn’t a fluke.

In fact, XeroXBL was able to deal three shots for 86 damage each.

Is a fix headed to Fortnite?

Now that the shotgun hitbox bug is out in the wild, we expect Epic Games to issue a fix shortly.

With the next patch expected to land on May 30, Epic might include a patch in order to return shotguns back to normal.

Until we hear an official announcement from Epic Games, players should be aware of the current shotgun hitbox problem.