Scranton, Pennsylvania’s most famous paper supply office has been recreated in Fortnite.

Created by YouTuber AntiPro, the recreation features everything from Pam’s desk to the basketball court in the Annex.

As the setting for the absurdly popular television comedy The Office, this set of cubicles and conference rooms may have seen more eyes than any other.

While the building isn’t nearly as important to the show as the people inside, the effort that went into displaying the full layout of the building is still impressive.

The video of the recreation even ends with Fortnite characters acting out a classic piece of dialogue between Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute.

I recreated Dunder Mifflin in Fortnite! from DunderMifflin

Much like the Teen Titans Tower that was recreated earlier this week, the new creative mode has allowed Fortnite content creators to let their creativity flourish.

Unfortunately, creations like Dunder Mifflin’s offices and the Tower can’t be featured on “The Block” because Epic doesn’t own the rights to their intellectual property.

Still, these creations are fun to see and may be able to be incorporated in some way in the future.