A redditor has made a wooden version of the Season 5 Fortnite Battle Royale map, and it is absolutely astonishing.

A redditor, under the username “u/Originartwork” has posted to the /r/FortniteBR subreddit with an astonishing and amazingly crafted Wooden Plaque of the Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5 map.

Reddit, more particularly the r/FortniteBR subreddit, is a great place for fans and players to submit their original ideas and content for the community to talk about and share; clips, suggestions, and concepts take up a lot of this.

However, sometimes original content sneaks through the cracks and can absolutely blow the minds of the community. This is one of those pieces.

The reddit user put incredible detail into the map, carving different altitudes for the island effect, and each point of interest on the map fitting into its corresponding co-ordinate.

In case you were wondering if you can buy this immaculate piece – you actually can. This is the description of the item:

“This Battle Royale Map is perfect for any Fortnite Fan! In addition to a seafloor with contours created from scratch, the terrain is engraved with thousands of intricate details, complete with town headings and a llama or two!”

“This piece comes with hanging hardware pre-installed for easy installation in any space!”

“This is a very special limited release that we make ourselves here in California so shipping will take place in 2-3 weeks after ordering.”

These are the different sizes and prices of the item.

You can buy it here. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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