Are you aching for the old Fortnite menu music back? Nostalgic? Well, a fan has reworked their current Fortnite Music Controller program to play the old Fortnite menu music while you’re in the lobby with your friends.

Reddit user u/drakeshe had already made a Music Controller to let your music begin playing when only on the menu or in-game, so players could have music playing in the lobby but concentrate when they boot up a match.

However, it seems that they have added a brand new feature which lets nostalgic Fortnite players get the Fortnite main menu track which many are begging Epic Games to give a reappearance.

Of course, this program only works on Windows – sorry console and Mac gamers.

“Fortnite Music Controller will automatically stop and start your music during gameplay and in-menu. AND now it also can play the old style Fortnite Menu Music[.]”

For those who like technicalities, drakeshe even went into depth on how the program works. Don’t worry, it isn’t detectable by anti-cheat – no bans here.

“Fortnite Music Controller uses mouse-visibility and colo[u]r detection to understand if your in-game or in-menu.”

“Once playing or in-menu, it uses Windows built in Play/Pause controls. Secondly it uses the volume mixer in Windows to adjust your specified programs volume[.]”

“[Fortnite Music Controller] is defaulted to control Spotify, [Google] Chrome, [Mozilla] Firefox, [Microsoft] Edge, Windows Groove Music and VLC. Other programs can easily be added.”

You can download the Fortnite Music controller from Draken Development’s website here.