Wuhu Island, the mini-game arena from Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit, has been given the Fortnite treatment by a fan on Reddit.

MK_MitKit on Reddit decided to design the island from Wii Sports Resort as a Fortnite-styled map. A lot of users reacted with nostalgia and glee.

The map bares a very good resemblance to Fortnite’s colour scheme, cartoon-ish style and island-y/tropical setting.

What benefits this design is that Wuhu Island is a very unique, large and family-friendly paradise. On Wii Sports Resort, you could explore hidden areas, find secret minigames, and it seems that the memories created from doing those has resonated back with some Fortnite players.

What would be an incredible testament to Wii Sports Resort’s map is if Wuhu Island was the basis of a brand new Fortnite map.

We have been stuck with a singular map ever since Season 1, with only locations changing through either meteor strikes, rocket launches, or any other large-scale event.

The scale of Wuhu Island in this Fortnite form would have to depend on the amount of locations. As you can see, there isn’t many, and they are quite close together.

Of course, we shouldn’t actually be judging this map like a genuine Fortnite map, but if it was to ever see the light of day in the game, those kind of technicalities would have to be addressed.