With this concept, players would be able to get back the recently vaulted Drum Gun.

Reddit, more particularly the r/FortniteBR subreddit, is a great place for fans and players to submit their original ideas and content for the community to talk about and share; clips, suggestions, and concepts take up a lot of this.

One user has stood out in the bunch of content with their original “Vaultdrop” concept in what would be an attempt to bring back the recently vaulted Drum Gun and other items that unfortunately were “vaulted”.

Vaulted items are weapons that Epic Games decided needed removing from the game for either balancing or gameplay issues. Some of these “vaulted” items include the Drum Gun, Crossbow, Revolver, and more.

The player, known as u/zyxed1 on Reddit, even created a graphic which would demonstrate the use of the Vaultdrop.

The concept states that one Vaultdrop would drop per game – just like a supply drop but limited to one in the entire map. If a player was to open the Vaultdrop, they would get one of any previously vaulted weapon.

It also brings a more literal meaning to the term “vaulted weapon”. Although the concept would be very cool, some users commented on the cons. The most popular comment being “Imagine an epic fight over the vaultdrop just to open it and get a revolver.”

Some players wouldn’t want vaulted weapons to be re-added in any form, except for Playground mode – this is because these weapons were removed from the game originally for the reason.

In the case of the Drum Gun, it changed the meta of the game to what people call “spray and pray” – it required no skill to hit a player with the Drum Gun, and was too over-powered – hence Epic Games decided to remove it to balance the gunplay.

What do you think of this comment? Would you love to see any specific vaulted items make a return?