The general consensus around Fortnite Battle Royale Season X has been quite negative, and thanks to a graph posted on the FortniteCompetitive subreddit we can now see that the v10.00 content update was one the most poorly received updates ever.

Fortnite fans were welcomed to the game’s tenth season on August 1 that included the addition of weaponized mech vehicles called BRUTEs.

Rumors began to speculate that Epic would issue a nerf in order to make BRUTE mech’s less devastating, but fans were instead greeted to a newly styled Tilted Towers now named Tilted Town.

Players who enter Tilted Town will not be able to build to harvest materials, leaving the city to be an insane location to test out your accuracy. Players were able to find a couple exploits within the POI where players could place builds within Tilted Town.

All of these issues lead to negative feedback towards Fortnite, and according to a graph posted on social media, Fortnite v10.0 content update was the worst one yet.

What does Epic need to do to raise morale?

The FortniteCompetitive subreddit is one of the most important places to find new strategies, potential bugs, and competitive announcements.

Reisshub posted a graph that showed approval ratings from each Fortnite update beginning with v8.00’s update.

v10.00 Content Update Has been the Worst Received Update on r/FortniteBR (Vault Mech and Remove No Build Zone thanks) from r/FortniteCompetitive

If you look closely and compare the v10.00 update to the v10.00 content update, there is a noticeable difference in approval.

According to the post, Fortnite’s most recent update received an approval rating of approximately 32% compared to Season X’s initial update that had around a 75% approval.

With Fortnite’s community approval rating being so low, we can expect Epic to start implementing some changes to help raise fan’s spirits.

We think that Epic will either vault or temporarily disable BRUTE mechs in order to adjust its damage along with fixing any game-breaking bugs.

Hopefully we can see some changes that will bring players back to Fortnite, especially since Season X is currently taking place.

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  1. Uh oh, someone didn’t win their 200th game. Sorry to hear that, no need to cry about it online. I don’t understand this community…

  2. The “fans” are only mad because the update didn’t address the Brutes. They don’t realize it was just a content update, and it didn’t patch anything. Fortnite could give every player $100 and they would still whine about the money because Epic didn’t do anything about the Brutes. Mob mentality.

  3. Jesus Christ titled town is the best poi in the game it’s so fun to use your environment
    Way better than being a sweat cranking 90s and boxing yourself in a 1 by 1 everyone will find a way to complain about anything

    • I’m not disagreeing with it being fun because it’s different, but if you have a problem with people building in a game that’s main feature is building then this game isn’t for you.

      • Never never said I had a problem with the building itself that’s obviously why I play Fortnite rather than pubg. I just have a problem with the fact that people will literally build city’s at even the smallest noise

    • After a certain point, there should be building enabled though. It does ruin some endgame circles because you get stuck down in tilted, and have to move up a mountain.

  4. I appreciate the effort this user went to to make this, but I’m curious how accurate or encompassing this data is? I only point it out because, for example, siphon removal was complained about by vocal members of the community but Fortnites user data showed a majority of (probably casual) players playing less when it was active. I like to think next week we’ll see a mech nerf and thay they are just gathering more data to determine what is the most nerf-worthy aspects of it 😊

    • I hated siphon. It rewards a sweaty rusher play style. A style that has almost ruined Fortnite because hardly anyone plays passive anymore. It also meant fewer easy elims, because everyone is rolling around with 200 hp.

  5. This season is actually really fucking good in my opinion, the “pros” are whining calling this the worst season because of one really fun feature, the fortnite community is horrible
    The brute is actually a good feature, change my mind

  6. Ugh. I don’t like the mech, but people are exaggerating how bad it is. I’ve only died to it a couple times in around 100 games. I don’t like Tilted Town, but I love that they’re bringing back old locations. The Battle Pass is the best I’ve seen, and I’ve been around since season 4. Imo, this is the best season. Especially once they nerf the mech and bring back other spots.


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