The in-game message of the day in Fortnite has been updated to announce that the recently-leaked Boom Bow will be releasing soon!

As of the April 1st Item Shop reset, the in-game message of the day shows that the Boom Bow will be releasing in the near future, likely in the next update.

The Boom Bow was leaked after the v8.20 patch. It is expected to be a high-damage ranged weapon, as per the leaked statistics.

Explosive Bow

Archery can be a blast!

Alongside the statistics, audio files and a reload animation for the weapon have been discovered in the files of the game.

The Boom Bow is expected to have the following statistics. It’s not yet known how other potential rarities may affect these stats.

The teaser image shows that the weapon will be of the Legendary Rarity, though it’s possible there will be an Epic variant as well.

What are your thoughts on the Boom Bow? How do you expect it to affect the Fortnite meta?