The snowstorm brought a bunch of new changes as Fortnite’s Season 7 kicked off including this hidden lair.  

While players have been rightly focusing on the massive ice-encrusted castle and newfound ability to fly, there’s still more to be explored on the map.

Multiple players have stumbled across a hidden cave on the coastline between Frosty Flights and Happy Hamlet.

The cave appears to be the home of a Yeti, a mythical mountain creature similar to Bigfoot.

The main entrance to the cave is littered with bones and the inside has a small hut with a fridge and a port-a-potty.

Here’s YouTuber ValtheVal exploring the cave and showing it’s location:

He’s talking about he feels like he needs a big cup of hot chocolate when he lands in the cozy village of Happy Hamlet and shows how to move from there to the lair.

Once inside, he frees the trapped plane and finds some solid loot at the bottom. If you free the plane and clear out the debri, the plane is actually able to fly and has been added to the map of all the known plane locations.

Much like the hidden rift on the islands outside of the cave’s entrance, this landing spot has value as it is behind most of the frozen named locations and will allow players to follow up behind people running for the storm.

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