The Fortnite Block Party has led to a bunch of amazing user creations and the best one lately is this amazingly detailed Ice Dragon.

Created by YouTuber Prudiz, this design for The Block is truly insane.

The giant ice dragon is filled with chests and towers over a small town which rounds out The Block.

Here you can check out the promo video they submitted to the Block Party:

The eyes really bring the whole dragon together but the whole thing is a work of art.

Stairs run up the back and sides of the dragon to give multiple ways to get on top so people can move around well.

In the original design, the dragon appears to have a ton of chests scattered around. Previous players who have had their designs chosen by Epic have seen them change item and chest spawns though.

For most creations changing chests is necessary because usually there aren’t enough built in. For this one, PrudizĀ spent a lot of time putting chests in unique and fun locations around the area.

While most people are focused on the centerpiece, there is also a nice section of houses for added looting. There’s even a labyrinth with a watchtower in the back corner.

The houses beneath the dragon feature a way to use tires to hop onto the main platform in the dragon, a great way to sneak up on people who may not be aware of that trick.

More tires and logs connect hidden pathways around the frozen beast.

To play this map plugin the item codeĀ 4351-4005-8292.

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    • Every island created has a specific code so you can share what you made with others. However only certain people can share their codes. I think it’s those on the support a creator list


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