For many people, the slow anticipation building towards the Nexus event never came together because the event never started.

That included the vote, the volcano exploding and the destruction of Tilted Towers and Retail Row.

Fortnite’s in-game events are one of the best aspects of the game as the whole community comes together to experience something together.

So when you get excited about an event and even may have planned your day around being in the game, not having something happen is a definite letdown.

While it won’t be possible to recapture the event with everyone else, Epic has released a way for people to experience the event in the in-game client.

They tweeted out a link to experience the event on your own time.

Also with the event players received an Arcana Glider. To receive that glider all you have to do is jump into the Unvaulted playlist and it should be awarded automatically.

While it can’t recapture the actual event and the voting is already closed, it is at least a step up from watching replays of the event.

Based on reactions it seemed like a significant amount of people missed the event, Epic must be experimenting with why the event was missed.

They haven’t announced a reason for the issue yet, only this fix. Hopefully, this doesn’t become a recurring problem with Fortnite’s massive events.

Did you miss the event? If you did, are you going to take the time to re-experience it using the link above?

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